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During the hostilities, non-governmental organizations asked for technical support from the scientific community in the project to gather the experiences of witnesses and victims in databases. From to Dr. Haven't Punjab Police and government bodies already documented the number of people killed and "illegally cremated? What has been the impact of quantitative studies of human rights violations in other regions?

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What impact do these findings have in the Punjab context? Why did you undertake this study? What are the India In , as Indians debated institutional reform of their security forces in the wake of the previous year's Mumbai attacks, HRDAG issued a groundbreaking report about the human cost of suspending the rule of law during a violent counterinsurgency campaign in the Indian state of Punjab.

Together with our partner Ensaaf, HRDAG released findings that cast substantial doubt on the Indian government's past explanations and justifications for disappearances and extrajudicial killings during the height of the Punjab counterinsurgency in the early s. These findings contribute to an increasing body of knowledge that informs policy questions about the The recommendation comes from a Miami immigration judge, whose decision was supported with expert testimony from Stanford political science professor Terry Karl, who presented extensive statistical analysis of killings, disappearances, kidnappings, torture and other crimes under Gen.

Identifiers of Detained Children Have Implications for Data Security and Estimation Identifiers being sequential could make possible estimations of the population of detained children. Strong Crypto Safeguards Human Rights Data Strong cryptography can safeguard critical human rights data from repressive governments that steal data in order to persecute citizens.

When vulnerable citizens dare to bear witness by naming perpetrators, their crimes, and their victims, the sensitive identifying information about those witnesses must be protected. They are now moving to liberate other Yezidi towns south of the mountain. The Yezidi people trapped on the mountain are now free.

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Carrying little more than his Ubicado entre las faldas de los Andes y las planicies orientales, Casanare tiene una larga historia de violencia. In Bounty programs, participants get cryptocurrencies in exchange for promotion. A cryptocurrency exchange is any system that operates on the basis of trading cryptocurrencies with other assets. This work will guide the user to a list of online sources to earn money in the internet through crypto faucets, mining, cloud mining, airdrops and bounties.

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Then I will list some of the best online crypto currency exchanges and electronic currencies exchangers that can be used. The book consists from the following parts Some sources for crypto faucets2. Definition of cryptocurrrency mining and cloud minining3.

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    Some online sources to look for airdrops and bounties events6. Some Youtube channels to fellow up latest airdrops, faucets and mining websites7.

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    Some websites to get information about cryptocurrency prices and market capitalization8. Some trusted cryptocurrency exchanges9. Some exchanger monitoring platforms Some electronic currencies exchangers.

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    I am Dr. Hidaia Mahmoud Mohamed Alassouli. I completed also one study year of most important courses in telecommunication and computer engineering courses in Islamic university in Gaza. So, I covered most important subjects in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering during my study. My nationality is Palestinian from gaza strip. I worked as Electrical, Telecommunicating and Computer Engineer in a lot of institutions. I worked also as a computer networking administrator.