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Zyxel Router: How to change the WiFi Name & Password – Starry Support

Technical Support We offer hour technical support to take care of all of your Internet connection needs. You can email any questions to support olp. All rights reserved. Search keyword.

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Details of the changes are outlined below. Please read carefully before initiating firmware migration. Please make sure you are comfortable with the feature changes before migrating over. Linksys will continue to operate the LCM1 platform for the duration of the 5 year term offered, then end of life the service. The migration to LCM2 brings new improvements over LCM1 which are listed here Link to marketing document , but also changes and eliminates some functionality currently available in LCM The AP will not provide the capability to be configured and managed as a stand-alone device with exception of configuring connection parameters, i.

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All management features will now be cloud based. Once configured, the AP can continue operating without a cloud connection, but a cloud connection will be required to make configuration changes. Data usage statistics of clients and APs will be real-time only — i. No historical statistics will be available, e.

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For any technical issues, please consult our online Linksys Cloud Manager 1. For all other regions, go here to see your support options or contact your local Linksys office for more information. Post your question to Twitter anytime. Exchange ideas and suggestions with other Linksys users and enthusiasts.

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Support Resetting your router and changing the router admin password. Resetting your router and changing the router admin password. Share the Article:. Resetting the Linksys router to factory defaults Resetting the router using the web-based setup page Changing the router's password Resetting the Linksys router to factory defaults If you can't access the router's web-based setup page or forgot the router's password, you may reset the router to its default factory settings.

How to Change Your WiFi Name/Password From Phone or PC - Tutorial

Resetting the router using the web-based setup page Step 1: Access the router's web-based setup page. Next time update your browser before browsing the web!

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