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What Makes These Forks Have Any Value?

Specialized hardware known as application-specific integrated circuits ASICs is required to mine profitably. And those mining companies can wield power over the network thanks to their massive size. The Bitcoin Gold hard fork tackles this problem by swapping out the SHA mining algorithm in Bitcoin for another algorithm called Equihash.

Bitcoin Gold is designed so that average people—or at least average people with powerful graphics processors GPUs —can mine Bitcoin on their PCs once again, making the network more decentralized. As of April 16, , Bitcoin Gold was the 26th most valuable coin and the third most valuable Bitcoin hard fork after Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Diamond, according to Coinranking.

It also promises some privacy by encrypting the values of each transaction. This is the 16th most valuable coin and second most valuable Bitcoin hard fork and as of April 16, , beating Bitcoin Gold. So, if you had 10 Bitcoin and 10 Zclassic, you ended up with 20 Bitcoin Private as well. Where Bitcoin allows people to view transactions on the public blockchain, Bitcoin Private is focused on privacy. This is the 37th most valuable coin and fourth most valuable Bitcoin hard fork as of April 16, Lots of people want to get in on the hype.

There are many, many other hard forks out there with names like Bitcoin Rhodium, Super Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Silver, too. People will keep creating Bitcoin hard forks as long as Bitcoin is popular, attempting to add their own ideas to Bitcoin or just strike it rich by hoping their coin takes off. Just as anyone can create their own altcoin, anyone can create their own Bitcoin fork. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

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Since we launched in , our articles have been read more than 1 billion times. All three types of Bitcoin come from the same basic programming. You can own one, two, or all three types. However, they trade at very different prices.

Bitcoin Cash

All three of these cryptocurrencies are available on various exchanges. And you can buy them in nearly any currency from throughout the world. This includes the U. Coinbase is one of the more popular exchanges. You can buy Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash at Coinbase. In order to buy Bitcoin Gold you need to go to a different exchange— Bitfinex is one of the many that buy and sell Bitcoin Gold. Like most other stock trading applications, you do pay a fee for every transaction that you make on these platforms. Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold are less expensive per unit currently than Bitcoin is.

Mostly this is a function of them being newer on the market.

What Are Bitcoin Cash & Bitcoin Gold?

The U. Securities and Exchange Commission has warned of potentially unlawful online trading platforms that lack regulatory oversight. It is important to understand that cryptocurrencies often go through extremely volatile swings, both up and down. It will be interesting to see where these new types of non-government-backed currencies take us. The technology behind them is fascinating. And the ability of the communities to make their own monetary policy decisions is revolutionary.

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Bitcoin Gold Price| BTG Price Index and Live Chart

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