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By default, your wallet. First, close the Bitcoin-Qt client. Then you have to locate your Bitcoin folder. If you currently have no bitcoins in your wallet, you can just delete that file and replace other wallet. If you have some bitcoins in this wallet as well, backup that wallet file as well, or send all the coins to an address from your backed up wallet.

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    There are generally 3 ways to backup a Bitcoin wallet. Different software supports different methods. If you lose the backup and can't access your wallet for some reasons, your bitcoins are permanently gone! This method is used by Bitcoin Core and few others and comprises of backing up a wallet. It's a file that holds keys to spend outputs, addresses, transaction information, and other metadata such as contacts.

    If you can't find the location please refer to this page.

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    Locate wallet. You may also copy it to a cloud storage such as Mega or Dropbox but make sure it's encrypted. To restore the backup, simply copy your backed up wallet. BIP 32 is a method of determining key pairs from a single seed.

    How to Backup and Restore a Bitcoin Wallet

    This seed is used to generate a master private key xprv which then can be imported to any BIP 32 compliant HD wallet. To backup your wallet either copy the master key to a text file and back it up to another device encrypted of course or create a QR code , print it and store it somewhere safe e. We won't go into details because most BIP 32 compliant wallets also support the next feature.

    If they don't, you may avoid using them. BIP 39 describes a method of generating a mnemonic sentence - easy to remember set of words - that represents a seed which can be then used to determine wallet addresses e. BIP When creating a wallet for the first time, you're presented with the list of seemingly random 12 to 24 words.

    The more the words the bigger the security.

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